Flying Eyes Sunglasses!

Flying Eyes Sunglasses!

These Sunglasses are specially designed to work with avition headsets and helmets.  Flying Eyes Micro-thin temples prevent  the "breaking the seal" issue of most sunglasses.  These are a perfect complement to your headset or helmet!


No pain or noise leakage
Micro-thin temples make our glasses comfortable to wear under headsets and helmets, no matter how long you wear them; while ear pads wrap completely around the millimeter thick material, enabling virtually zero noise leakage.


Virtually unbreakable
Made from Resilamide™ — an uncommon, rather expensive, aerospace polymer — which allows us to engineer our frames to be unbelievably thin and light, while also virtually unbreakable.


Optimum optical clarity
Our lightweight, impact and scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses offer optimum optical clarity and 100% UV400 protection