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The Story:

Well, where to start?  I'm an adventure pilot.  Not by trade, but by hobby. This whole thing started in search of a cost effective, but safe back country aviation helmet... which proved to be nearly impossible. So I came up with my own solution, bought a 3D printer and made myself some adaptors to convert my existing Bose A20 headset to work with a military style helmet.  A few photos posted on the internet later, and here we are!  Now, I'm working to curate innovative backcountry gear. Items that make the adventure pilot experience safer, more enjoyable, and less expensive.  Aviation is already expensive enough!

This isn't my day job, and I don't expect it to ever become that, I'm just looking to give back to the pilot community.  Certainly I wouldn't be here without the help of other pilot's bright ideas and support.  

The Goal: To become the one stop shop for the backcountry aviation world!  So if you have questions or suggestions please feel free to reach out.


John Hartz

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