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NVG Capable Helmet with integrated Bose A30

NVG Capable Helmet with integrated Bose A30

Because of its comfort, adjustability, and light weight, the Sky Cowboy helmet is the prefered Night Vision Goggle capable helmet amung many pilots.  This helmet is built off of the SAR Tactical Helmet which a metal Wilcox shroud for accepting NVG mounts.  To provide additional support and balance for the NVGs, it differs from the standard offering in that it includes an over the chin strap, rather than under the chin.


- This helmet is a custom order item and takes 2-3 weeks. 

- Order is a complete helmet and inludes Bose A30 w/ Bluetooth.

- Order does not include NVGs or NVG adaptors.

  • Warranty Info

    *****This product application does NOT have the support of Bose and may void Bose's Warranty. Sky Cowboy Supply Company does not provide any additional warranty on the Bose A20 headset.


    Bose A20 Manual: "Do not use the headset with a helmet or as part of a crash protection system. The headset is not intended for such use, and has not been certified for crash protection. Dismantling, reassembly or modification of the headset, or any part, for use in a helmet or other crash protection system could result in severe bodily injury and such unauthorized use will void the limited product warranty."

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